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  3.9- 24.9.2016
 Andrea Bender: Schichtwechsel/September  Espace Apart, Diekirch (cur)
 5.8- 27.8.2016
 Andrea Bender: Schichtwechsel/August  Espace Apart/ Kulturhaus, Diekirch (cur)
 2.7- 30.7.2016  Andrea Bender: Schichtwechsel/Juli  Espace Apart, Diekirch (cur)
 2016 - ongoing  Special Artistic Territories: Ritorno Subito  Various hidden locations (info by request)
 2013 - ongoing  Artists of Espace ApArt
 The Delta Bridges Project (cur)
 3.6- 26.6.2016
 Patricia Lippert: My Body Your Rights
 Espace Apart, Diekirch (cur)
 14.5- 16.5.2015  Frank@ KonschTour  Veiner Galerie/Ancien Cinéma, Vianden
1.5 - 31.5.2015
 Frank's "United Bubbles" @ Konschtkescht
 Luxembourg: Neimenster&Cercle-Cité, CIGL Esch-sur-Alzette, CIGR Grevenmacher,   CIGL Sanem, CNA Dudelange (LUX)
 Campus Artem Nancy (F)
 Saarlandmuseum Saarbrücken, TUFA Trier (D)
 17.1-  25.3.2016
 Frank Gerlitzki / Alessandro Rolandi: Spice Station
 Boxes Artspace, OCT Shenzhen (cat) 

 5.12- 6.3.2016  Frank's FF Reloaded
 OCT Loft, Shenzhen
 4.12- 17.1.2016
 Frank's Greetings from the SAT
 Espace ApArt, Guangzhou
 8.11-22.11.2015  Frank@ #meiguangxiism  No.155 Caochangdi, Beijing
 Inner Clarity (Groupshow)
 Boxes Artspace, OCT Shenzhen (cur/cat)
 4.9. -20.10.2015
 Academic Hyperlinks (Groupshow)  Boxes Artspace, OCT Shenzhen (cur/cat)
 4.7. -20.8.2015
 Choice of the Artstars (Groupshow)  Boxes Artspace, OCT Shenzhen (cur/cat)
 28.5.- 21.6.2015  Frank Gerlitzki: United Bubbles  GdCAC, Guangzhou
 24/25.5.2015  Frank@ KonschTour
 Veiner Galerie/Ancien Cinéma, Vianden
 1.5.- 20.6.2015
 Encounter Experiment (Groupshow)
 Boxes Artspace, OCT Shenzhen (cur/cat)
 19.1- 26.2  Xinyue Yan: Spatial Autocorrelation  Sabaki Space, Guangzhou (cur)
 19.9- 19.10  Chen Dandizi: A Poet discussing the words  Sabaki Space, Guangzhou (cur)
 22.5 - 2.6.2014
 Raquel Abenchuchan
 Marcello Balzaretti
 Erik Bachtold
 maho maeda
 Ernesto Morales
 Guangdong Contemporary Art Center, Guangzhou (cur)
 17.5 - 30.6.2014  Ernesto Morales: Un Mundo Feliz
 Sabaki Space, Guangzhou (cur)
 29.4 - 11.5.2014  Frank Gerlitzki@Dongguan Art Festival
 11.4 - 11.5.2014  Frank Gerlitzki: "Bubbles"
 The Theoristic Paintings
 Just Space Gallery, Guangzhou
 29.3 - 4.5.2014  Positive Spaces  Times Museum, Guangzhou
 15. 3.2014  Hallstatt 2 - Copy Erosion
TwoGo: Music, Performance and  a movie with Alfred Banze and Frank Gerlitzki
 Espace Apart, Guangzhou
 1.3 - 31.3.2014  Christine Falk/Alfred Banze:
 Sabaki Space, Guangzhou (cur)
 21.1 - 24.2.2014  Wen Peng: "Play with the fog"  Sabaki Space, Guangzhou (cur)
 Frank Gerlitzki: "YES"
 Sabaki Space, Guangzhou
 14.12-31.1.2014  Frank Gerlitzki: "Wild Side"  NAA, Kunming
 10.12- 11.1.2014
 Andrea Bender: "Alice&Friends"
 Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong
 7/14  Experimental Art, LOFT 345, Guangzhou
 6.12-27.12.2013  Frank Schäfer: "门/Gate"  Sabaki Space, Guangzhou (cur)
 24.11- 4.1.2014  Frank Gerlitzki  "Great Spirit: Unwritten"  Party Pier (former ZhuJiang Brewery), Guangzhou
 16,11- 3.12.2013
 Zhong Jialing: "Emotion Athlete"  Sabaki Space, Guangzhou (cur)
 21.10-6.12.2013  Frank Gerlitzki: "Waves",  Various Student Projects  Experimental Art Department, Guangzhou Art Academy
 10.10.2013  Frank Gerlitzki: "après moi, le  déluge" (action-installation)  SAT (special artistic territory) Tianhe Nan, Guangzhou
 7.9- 31.10.2013  Vanessa Niederstrasser  Cali Cali, Sabaki Space, Guangzhou (cur)
 7.8- 17.8.2013  Frank @ Electronic Pacific  Satellite  Root Division, San Francisco
 12.7- 17.8.2013  Frank's "United Bubbles" in  Electronic Pacific  SOMArts, San Francisco
 13.6-13.7  Kang Jia: Sex Shop  Sabaki Space, Guangzhou (cur)
 9.6 -7.7.2013  Frank Gerlitzki: Frank & Free  republic   espace ApArt, Guangzhou/Xiao Zhou Cun
 3.6 -7.6.2013
 Frank Gerlitzki: Frank & Free republic: Invest in Failure  Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
 27.5 - 31.5.2013  Alessandro Rolandi: Mapping      social memory   Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts/ Espace Apart (cur)
 3.5.- 2.6.2013
 Frank@ No blood on my clothes
 Senior Artists International, Vienna
 18.4.- 4.8.2013  United Nations Revisited  Galerie )M( Berlin
 11.4.-12.4.2013  Ultra Art fair  Berlin
 7.4.2013  Frank creates XTC  Switzerland  Neuchâtel
 1.3.2013  Frank creates XTC Empty City  Hu Tou Shan/Maoming
 2.2.- 10.3.2013  Frank Gerlitzki: "Our Street"  espace ApArt, Guangzhou/Xiao Zhou Cun
 12.1.- 28.2.2013  Wen Jun Jie: "Tail of Hypocrisy"  Sabaki Space Guangzhou (cur)
 1.1.- 31.1.2013
 Frank Gerlitzki: Beautiful Pearl  River
 espace ApArt, Guangzhou/Xiao Zhou Cun
 17.11.- 27.11.   H-O-P-E,
  a project by Alfred Banze
 Opening Show of Sea/Sabaki Space, Guangzhou (cur)
 8.11.- 8.12.  Frank Gerlitzki: Shoot for Freedom  Koram Lab, Guangzhou (cat)
 22.10.- 10.11.  H-O-P-E,
 a project by Alfred Banze
workshop and exhibition in collaboration with Guangzhou Academy of Arts,
 Youyou  Gallery, Guangzhou (cur)
 project  GIARDINI  Guangzhou  Gigi Lee: Post Ice Age  Sabaki Space, Guangzhou (cur)
 1.10.- 30.10.  Xiao Zhou art festival
 Xiao Zhou Cun/ Guangzhou (cur)
 1.10.- 10.10.
 Frank Gerlitzki: The True Story:  the next chapter!
 Youyou Gallery, Guangzhou
 29.8-25.11.  PLAGIAT!!  Frank@la biennale de Venezia
 16.8 -27.8.  <356,955 km>  Karin Weber Gallery, Hongkong (cur)
 1.7.-20.7.   Frank's Ark  between Pazhou and Xiaozhoucun, Guangzhou
 9.6.2012   XTC goes dOCUMENTA (13)  Kassel, FuldaAue
 1.6.2012   XTC: de noordzee stop  Blankenberge beach  Lv Qingyuan: Enjoy Yourself  Sabaki Space, Guangzhou (cur)
  2012(every        month)  
 artwork of the month
 artists of espace apart:
 march: "sorry guys"by Chantal Michel (cur)
 april: "todos losotros que nos somos"by Ernesto Morales (cur)
 may: "with fullmoon song"by Megumi Shimizu (cur)
 14.4-5.5  天 河南, fashion and more...  Frank @ Lanzhou
 1.1- 18.2
 thank you for coming, gFG 03/08
 Espace Apart, Xiao Zhou  Cun/Guangzhou
 10.12 - 16.12   "about performance"  Lanzhou (cur)
 8.12 -31.12  Trading  Places  Kai-Oi Jay Yung @ Sabaki  Space (cur)
 28.11 - 4.12  Frank @ Guangzhoulive  International action art festival  Guangzhou (cat)
 19.11- 18.12  Frank @ Guangzhoulive  groupshow  YouYou Gallery, Guangzhou
 31.10.2011  Oreet Ashery, Poppy Jackson,  Kai-Oi Jay Yung,  Benjamin Faga,  Nathan Walker,  Ane Lan,  Nathalie Mba Bikoro,  Jenny  Hyde, Kisito Assangni  XTC@ Studio1.1 Gallery,  London (cur)
 7.10.2011  XTCin Xiao Zhou Cun (with June  Zheng, Lin Qian, Wu Taijun,  Alessandro  Rolandi, Zhang  Jiaping, He Junyi,  Liuke, Frank  Gerlitzki, Sheng  Tong, Lv  Qingyuan,  Chen Ben, Wang Hua  Dong, Cai Hui, Lei Zenhua, Kang  Yalin, Jian Renshan, Han Yong)  various places in Xiao Zhou  Cun (cur)
 7.10- 7.11  something will happen here  Alessandro Rolandi @ sabaki  space (cur)
 11.9-31.10  A Wifi-free-exhibition  Fr@nk@esp@ce p@rt
 26.8- 30.9  ChinaGreeceMexico?
 Erik Bachtold, Sergio Ricano,  Ernesto Morales, Marcelo  Balzaretti, Diego Teo,  Maho  Maeda
 XTC @ T.A.C.O.  Mexico-Cit
 19.7 -23.7  Frank @ Exhibition and  Convention Center  Guangzhou
 2.7 -7.8  Kisito Assangni  Human Factory ? part 2 (cur)
 24.6. - 15.8  Frank @ groupshow   Shunde Contemporary  Artspace(cat)
 25.5 -29.5  with XTC to the Hongkong  Artfair  Hongkong Convention Center
 10.5- 15.5  Frank@ WRO biennale  WRO artcenter,  Wroclaw(Poland)  The Tree of Knowledge (of good  and bad)-Interventional Art  (every 14 days by an artist related to Espace Apart)  Redtory, Guangzhou (cur/cat)
 30.4.2011  Time Is Love:
 International Video Art  Exhibition  curated by Kisito  Assangni
 Espace Apart, Xiao Zhou  Cun/Guangzhou (cur)
 28.4.2011  XTC:
Agrafiotis and Hope
 XTC: next stop Piraeus/Athens
 16.4.2011  XTC (Xiaozhou Transport  Company)  
 Chen Zhou, Zhang Xiaojing,  Anouchka van Driel, Ma  Yongfeng, ZA Project,  Alessandro  Rolandi
 official launch in EMG art  center,  Guangzhou and Zajia  Art Lab,  Beijing
 18.3- 25.4  frank left you a mess@ge   4-sided museum/  Guangzhou(cat)
 18.3- 25.4  The true  story @"flyer"  group  show)   4-sided museum/  Guangzhou(cat)
 12.3.2011  XTC (Xiaozhou Transport  Company)    presentation in  Xiaozhoucun    SAT-episode5
 12.3- 16.4  BRAIN  Espace apart/ Xiao Zhou Cun/  Guangzhou
 5.3- 19.4  Frank@Memory-Identity group  show  MK2 art space,  Caochangdi/Beijing (cat)
 23.1-27.2  A lil' bit of Nothing 2011  Frank@Espace Apart
 22.1- 24.1  Frank@ group show  Youyou gallery/Guangzhou
 24.12- 23.1.2011  A lil' bit of Nothing 2010  Frank@Espace Apart
 24.12.2010  Stille Nacht (..only the sound and  the light of a copy machine)  Frank's performance in the  dark
 1.12- 15.12  Every Day Is World AIDS Day  Frank@dreams-lab/Guangzhou
 20.11-10.12  Frank Gerlitzki/Feng Yi Qian: "Do  you hear the Ocean?"  Sabaki Art Space/ Xiao Zhou  Cun
 6.11.2010  Animation movie day  Highlights of Annecy  Film-Festival @ espace apArt  (cur)
 23.10 -21.11 (extended-10.12)  Floating Forest  Frank Gerlitzki@EMG Stone  Gallery, Redtory, Guangzhou  (cat)
 10.10-10.11  Justin Hoover: The Calligrapher Master's House Will be  Destroyed to Build a New Development  Sabaki Space, Guangzhou (cur)
 1.10 -31.10  Frank Gerlitzki@Xiao Zhou Art  -Festival  Li Tang,  Youyou Gallery,  Xiao Zhou  Cun/Guangzhou (cat)
 1.10 -31.10  Torsion field   movies, installations,  performances and  more@espace  Apart,Xiao  Zho  Cun/Guangzhou (cur)
 31.7 -28.8  Frank@a book about death  RNG Gallery, Omaha (USA)
 3.7-24.7  Frank Gerlitzki  rückwärtsbewegung
 july  Bhuto workshop with Yuko  Kominami  Guangzhou/Macao(cur)
 15.5- 30.6  Frank Gerlitzki  Tai Gu Cang/Guangzhou (cat)
 11.4-18.4  Frank Gerlitzki  Last page in Shenzhen(F-518)
 6. 3- 10.4  Frank Gerlitzki  episodes
 28.2.2010  Frank@20x20/Pecha Kucha  Idutang, Shenzhen
 6.2. -28.2  Frank Gerlitzki  Newborn
 29.1-28.2  Frank@opening exhibition of  Xiao  Zhou Artzone  Xiao Zhou Cun (cat)
 3. 1.- 31.1.  Frank@Canton Art Salon  Xiao Zhou Cun(Guangzhou)
 13.12-22.12  Frank@Shenzhen Art-Festival
 F-518-Shenzhen Free Art Base    (SAT-episode3)
 1.12-31.12  Frank@1st Contemporary  Art-Academy Admission  Festival
"hope"Contemporary  Art-Academy, Xiao Zhou Cun,  Guangzhou (cur)  SAT(episode2)
 25.11-10.12  Chen Zhou & Co @Just Space  Gallery  Guangzhou
 21.11-infinity  Frank's SAT: Special Artistic Territory  (episode1)  World (foundation in Xiao Zhou  Cun)
 21. 11-27.12  Frank@Tai Gu Cang  Group-Expo  Guangzhou
 19.9-12.10  Frank@Songzhuang Xianbao  Museum  Beijing (cat)
 8.9.-26.9  Frank@Bupyeong History  Museum  Incheon, Korea (with Nanjing      Square Gallery) (cat)
 3.9.-3.10  Frank Gerlitzki  Overdose
 30. 8.2009
"Girls on film"
  contemporary video-art


 Espace Apart (F518 Idea  Land/Shenzhen Free Artbase)
 in collaboration with PingPong  Space/ Guangzhou (cur)
  Newborn...Espace Apart

  Claire  Louvet,
  Xiaojing Li,
  Judith Pernin,
  Xiaojing Zhang
  Chen Zhou,
  Frank Gerlitzki
 Shenzhen Free Art Base  (cur+artist)
 31.5-18.6.   Frank@"expectation/exploration"  Guangzhou contemporary art  show  2009 (cat)
 1.5-17.5.   Frank@"A"Group show  Guangzhou/Xiao Zhou Cun  (cat) 
 9.5-9.6   Fang Di: "433"  Sabaki Space, Guangzhou (cur)
18.4- 7.5
 Wang Huadong: finished Smile
 Sabaki Space, Guangzhou (cur)
 april   Frank's free creativity workshop (see  on my blog)  Guangzhou Art Academy
 13-14.03    Frank@China-Europe Forum  Workshop  State Museum of Contemporary  Art
 Thessaloniki, Greece
 february   Frank's Beijing Pictures  Photography/Hongkong (cat)


 11.10.2008    Frank's plague performance: Dax Artspace/ 798 Da Shan Zi Beijing Art District  798 Art Festival Beijing
 mai/june  Frank Gerlitzki  just around the corner
 (9 1/2weeks-9 1/2 corners)
 march/april I do it my way: Frank's Installation in Artchannel-Gallery  Beijing-Caochangdi (cat)
 february/march artist in residency  Beijing/China
 26.04.2008 End of the "thank you for coming" art-gallery project  
 26.01-26.04.   Group show
 On the move (cur)


 27.11- 8.12  Expo collective à l'espace Paul  Wurth (capitale de la culture  2007)  Saitewiessel (cur+artist)
 oct/nov/dec  Frank Gerlitzki
 Nathalie  Pirotte
 ensemble in luxembourg and  brussels
 16.10 - 27.10  Kyoko INATOME  House/Home (performance/video) (cur)
 16.10.2007  Kyoko INATOME   live-performance en vitrine(cur)
 10/11  Erik BAECHTOLD/Ernesto  MORALES/Sergio  RICANO/Jaime SOLER  Fronteras(cur)
 9/10/11  Chantal MICHEL  Système d'un monde  lointain (cur)
 5.9 - 13.10  Chantal MICHEL  Egypt family (cur)
 8/9/10/11/12  Murielle BELIN  Le musée des  métamorphoses (cur)
 6.7.2007  vernissage autour d'un tableau  
 17.6-31.8  Martine DENY  Péché de gourmandise, question  de  survie:
 installation en vitrine 
 23.5- 16.6  Chiharu MIYAMOTO  Maybe far away:
 installations et dessins 
 9.5.2007  Journée de l'europe:
 et si l’union européenne….  n’existait
 Entretien sur canapé en  collaboration
 avec forum europa /  présentation  du
 nouveau drapeau de maarten  vanden

 8.5 à 18.18 h
 Enough room for space
 Forum europa
 5-?  Jerry FRANTZ and his  government  La République libre de  Clairefontaine (cur)
 26.4 - 19.5

 Marc Angel
 Andrea Bender
 Karin Frank
 Fanny Mesnard
 Magi Muturi
 Nathalie Pirotte
Jessica Theis
 Marc Wilwert

 Backstage/ rien à cacher: expo
 collective (dessins, peintures,
 photos, objets et sculptures)
 10.4 - 22.4  ParaDies lunch club  Projet du service national de la
 jeunesse pour 2007 
 17.3 - 7.4
 François JEUNE  Peinture sur peinture (cur/cat)
 3/4  Yuko KOMINAMI/
 Waves: Le peuple migrateur
 9.2 - 3.3  Magi MUTURI / Pierre HESS  Free spirit (cur)
 2/3  Jean-Claude SERVAIS/ Marc  WILWERT  Chemins de fraude (cur)
 6.1 - 3.2  Nathalie PIROTTE  Peaux et fourrures (cur)
 1.1 - 31.12  Calendrier des migrations   12 events, 12 artists, 12 places in  2  countries for the european  capital of  culture 2007 (cur)


 1.10 - 30.11  Expo collective  Brainstorm (cur)
 october  Frank Gerlitzki  Overdose:  kunstmoment/trier
 28.4 - 3.6  Maho MAEDA   Infiltrate (cur)
 10.3 - 17.4  Sarah SCHLEICH   Situations (cat/cur)
  8.2 - 25.2  Expo collective  Bodies and landscapes (cur)
 7.1 - 31.1  Marc WILWERT   Nuit Blanche (cur)


 10.11 - 9.12  Lin Yao KAI   Âme de l'encre (cur)
 october- march  Frank Gerlitzki  Fragmentos:                          galerie leplattenier/lausanne
 galerie le manoir/la  chaux-de-fonds
 22.9 - 29.10  Andrea BENDER   paarweise (cur)
 22.6 - 22.7  Francis MEYER   Identity (cur)
 27.5 - 18.6  Marc ANGEL   Contes à créer (cur)
 14.4 - 14.5  Mariam ZALDASTANISHVILI   Territoire d'exposition (cur)
 17.2 - 28.3  Tony SOULIÉ   Traversées (cur)


 2.12 - 28.1  Michaële-Andréa SCHATT  Paysages et topographies  nomades (cur)
 23.9 - 23.10  Corine FERTÉ  Se voir en peinture (cur)
 17.6 - 16.7  Maria Ester BUSCEMI  être e(s)t paraître (cur)
 17.6 - 16.7  Marc WILWERT   être e(s)t paraître (cur)
 5.5 - 28.5  Frank GERLITZKI  ... lebendig zu sein
 11.3 - 24.4  François JEUNE  Dia jaunes et pourpres (cur)
 22.1 - 28.2  Els HATTINK   L'art de la fresque revisité (cur)
 4.12 - 16.1  Petra WINTERKAMP  Im Licht der Schrift (cur)



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